Campus History


Coakley Middle School was named after Mary E Coakley, who donated the land for the school that was built in 1962.  She was very interested in the education of young people and donated approximately 19.33 acres of land to build a school for that purpose. 

Coakley Middle School has had several outstanding leaders since its opening in 1962. 

The first Coakley principal was Mr. Johnny C. Means from 1962-1964.  He was followed by Mr. Cecil E. Biggerstaff who was principal from 1965-1968.  Other principals include Joe Hamrick, Douglas Stone, Edward Swenson,
S.C. Lozano, William Pietro from 1977-1995.  Then Coakley had Mr. Neyvar as principal from 1996-2000.  After that the next principal was Kevin Brackmeyer, then Ms. Dalia M. Garcia, and the current principal is Mr. Pedro Sanchez.